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World Water Day

Singapore World Water Day

The continual quest for Singapore’s water security was emphasized in this year’s theme for Singapore World Water Day at Clementi Primary School. A series of activities initiated through inter-departmental collaboration shared on the theme of how Clementians could play a personal role in water conservation. They were also able to understand how Singapore has grown into a nation with sophisticated technology to harness water from various sources in order to ensure every home has accessibility to clean water.

As Clementians delved into hands-on activities such as building an efficient water pipe system to engaging in deep discussions on Singapore’s current and future water policies, they were provided with opportunities to share their perspectives on water sustainability as a nation. The lower primary students were treated to an interactive skit and it opened their eyes to appreciate how Singaporeans collected water from wells in the past. The “AH-HA” moments from the younger students came from their conversations with their parents and teachers about how water was available in a quick instant when they turn on their taps at home and in school! What a great revelation for them.

As a school, students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone during their recesses as they participated in the water rationing exercise. They had to be mindful over the use of water for drinking and washing their hands. With limited water supply and the taps turned off, Clementians were asked to reflect about possible consequences of a water shortage in the future. After all, “every drop counts” and everyone plays a role to ensure our water supply remains sufficient and sustainable for generations to come.