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Character & Citizenship Education


A Leader. A Keen Learner and A Friend.


For every Clementian to be exemplary in character and become active contributors and concerned citizens.


In alignment to MOE’s 21st Century Framework and Student Outcomes, as well as the school’s vision, mission and values, many programmes have been designed to provide a robust Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) for our pupils. CCE in the school places a strong emphasis on character development, leadership development and building in all Clementians a strong sense of belonging to the school and nation. These programmes also encourage prosocial behaviour through the strengthening of social-emotional learning competencies.

The mindmap below aims to capture the inexhaustive list of CCE experiences in the school and illustrates that CCE is being infused in all academic and non-academic subjects. CCE@CTP programmes refer to the broad range of programmes including the school’s Assembly Programmes, Form Teacher Guidance Period, Very Important Pupil programme, Habits of Mind lessons, Values lessons and Values In Action projects.


Very Important Pupil programme
Good teacher-student relationship enhances pupils’ learning. Very Important Pupil (VIP) programme sees form teachers and co-Form teachers meet up with every pupil in the class individually throughout the year to better understand each child’s life experiences and build deeper bonds with them. Teachers also utilise Transactional Analysis strategies which helps them better understand and guide the pupils.

Form Teacher Guidance Period
The Form Teacher Guidance Period is an important weekly time for form teachers to carry out various lessons including cyberwellness, growth mindset and habits of mind lessons and the discussion of contemporary issues in society today. Form teachers use a variety of facilitation strategies to draw out student discussion in class and help students develop key traits such as empathy and perspective-taking.


Assembly Talks

Throughout the year, the school also organises Assembly Talks covering a range of issues such as Cyber Bullying, Kindness, Climate Change and Recycling. Some of the Assembly talks are conducted by external partners such as the Singapore Police and the National Environment Agency. In Clementi Primary, the assembly programmes are carefully curated and targeted for each level so that all students are meaningfully engaged.