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Green Environment


1) To inculcate in Clementians an awareness of the importance of  environment conservation  
2) To contribute their services to the community through on-site learning.            


Each Clementian will be a caring and innovative environmentalist. 


To develop in Clementians an awareness of environmental issues and to instil in them a passion to care for their environment through various teachable moments and activities.

Whole School Approach

To achieve our objectives, various environment activities were conducted under the “Head, Heart, and Hands” model to help our pupils be more aware of the importance of caring for the environment.

A) Head : Inculcation of Environment values in Clementians

Environment Tour to Siloso Beach Resort -HA.jpg
                                            Environmental Tour to Fort Silosa Beach

Reading of storybooks environment -HA.jpg
TV messaging on environmental issues - HA.jpg


           Reading of storybooks environment                    TV messaging on environmental issues

B) Hands: Nurturing Leaders through Hands-on Activities and Services to the Community

Newspapers and old clothes Donation Drive 2016 -HD.jpg
Newspapers and old clothes donation drive

Fullmark Company on correction tapes recycling - HD (1).jpg
       Recycling correction tapes programme on 15 and 16 Aug 2016

Moozie Wipeout by JEAS - HD.jpg
Staff Green day (Pot a plant) - HD.jpg


                       Moozie Wipeout by JEAS                                    Staff Green Day (Pot a Plant)          

C) Heart: Building of character

President Challenge Sale with PSG (VIA) - HT.jpg
President Challenge Sale with PSG

Potted plants for sale for President challenge(VIA) -HT.jpg
Making toilet rolls into pencil holders for president challenge sale (VIA) - HT.jpg

         President's Challenge potted plant sale                  Making pencil holders from toilet rolls