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Science Department

Department Vision

Every pupil is able to appreciate Science for its intrinsic value

Department Mission

To nurture pupils with a curiosity for Science and be equipped with relevant skills and attitudes to help them to explore their natural and physical world.

In Clementi Primary School, we strongly believe that Science should NOT be a painful learning journey of memorising long list of facts or concepts that are promptly forgotten after tests or examinations are over.  Science must be meaningful and relevant to the real world.  We want to instill in our pupils a love for the subject so that they will appreciate it for its intrinsic value and not merely learn it to pass examinations.  

Central to the curriculum framework for Primary Science is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry. Science teachers, as leaders of inquiry, must actively use the white space provided for under the new syllabus to engage their pupils and provide them with experiences which stimulate their curiosity about themselves and the world around them. 

The Science Department constantly reviews its programmes within the year so as to keep abreast with the new ways of teaching science which is in line with the Primary Science Framework by the Ministry of Education. Some of the projects from the department are: LEGO in Science Programme, learning journeys to places of scientific interest and regular hands-on experience of conducting Science investigative work during science lessons in the school science laboratory (Einstein and Newton Lab). All these were designed to help pupils develop Science process skills, habits of mind and ethics/attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry. These activities/programmes help pupils see Science for its intrinsic value.

While it is undeniable that it is very challenging to teach an examination/ core subject with only very few periods per week, the need to juggle with the time could not be underestimated. The ability to relate theory to practice is a prerequisite for success in the classroom. Teachers’ main objectives were to link the pupil’s everyday experience with the concepts of Science which they learn in their textbooks.

Enrichment Programmes for Science

The Science Department is always keen to explore new ways in which we can engage the pupils in the learning of everyday Science. Every year, pupils from every level will visit the Singapore Science Centre at least once a year and be engaged in the lessons which are carefully chosen from the Science Centre’s list of activities available. Pupils are able to have a lot of hands-on experience as they take part in the lessons which are carefully prepared and taught by the resident trainers of the Singapore Science Centre. It is through these experiences that the pupils will be able to better understand science concepts which are taught in school.

Higher-ability pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 6 are also encouraged to participate in some of the extra enrichment classes which are beyond the text syllabus to captivate their attention, enrich and stretch their potential. Critical Science process/thinking skills are instilled when pupils develop their own hypotheses, craft out clear procedures for the experiments and conduct self and peer assessment of their processes and findings. The flexibility of such enrichment activities allows pupils to become self-directed learners.

P6 (Science Centre Lesson Aquatic Pond Life):


LEGO In Science Programme (P3 to P6)


P5 (Cells @ Science Centre):


P4 (Micro:bit Lessons):


P3 (Mushroom Enrichment):