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National Education

NE Commemorative Events

Our NE events, Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day were all celebrated through enriching discussions and fun-filled hands-on activities as we want to encourage more pupils’ voices and creativity, hoping that our Clementians were able to relate better to these events and understand the significance of such events.

Racial Harmony Day


We commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 18 th July and the theme for the year is The Singapore Way. Depending on their levels, Clementians were involved in discussions based on different themes, namely, food, traditional costumes and architectural designs of buildings. Through discussion questions that encouraged pupils’ voices as well as a presentation on interesting facts by Form Teachers, all Clementians learnt about the importance of racial harmony and appreciated the various expressions of racial harmony found in Singapore. Immediately after the classroom discussions, Clementians were engaged in various hands-on activities that required teamwork and a good dose of creativity.

National Day


This year’s theme for the National Day Parade is #OneNationTogether and the school celebrated Singapore’s 52 nd birthday on 8 th August. After the National Day Observance Ceremony, our pupils had discussions and activities in class. Each pupil had to decide on a quick and creative way to represent their favourite thing/aspect about Singapore and expressed it on a piece of B7 card using colouring materials. Then all the colourful cards were put together to create a class montage. On top of that, they also had group discussions on “How much is Singapore home to you?” after which they had to present their choices and reasons to their peers.