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Music Department

Department Vision

To become keen learner of the Arts

Department Mission

To provide a holistic program and vibrant culture so as to develop pupils' physical robustness, enhance their creative and expressive capacities and shape their personal, cultural and social identity. 

Introduction to the music curriculum

1. Singing, Listening and Music-Making
The music curriculum focuses on cultivating pupils’ skills and knowledge through direct experiences in Singing, Listening and Music-Making. Clementians learn how to play instruments like the Angklung, recorder, chime bars, boomwhackers, ukuleles and Orff instruments during curriculum time. To stretch pupils’ learning beyond the classroom, pupils are given opportunities to attend musicals and concerts for
exposure and a more holistic outlook towards music.

a01.jpgP2 Clementians exploring clapping rhythms
a02.jpgP3 Clementians incorporating movement with music
a03.jpgClementians learning to play the chime bars
a04.jpgClementians using interactive ICT to play piano chords
Clementians playing the Angklung
P4 Clementians playing the recorder
P5 Clementians getting ready to play the boomwhackers

2. Talent Development

Primary 2 Clementians with strong musical abilities are identified during music lessons and encouraged to join CCAs such as Choir and Brass Band. Pupils’ early participation in these CCAs serves to maximise their potential, enhance their skills and spark in them a deeper and more sustained interest in the performing arts.

Primary 4 and 6 Clementians also participate in enrichment programmes which culminate in opportunities for them to showcase their talents.

Primary 4 - Ukelele

The ukulele programme has been a hit amongst Primary 4 pupils because of the instrument’s portability and the ease of learning it. Pupils learn the basics of strumming, how to play simple chords, and explore the different parts of ukulele and their functions. Talented pupils have been selected to perform local favourites such as “Home” and “Di Tanjung Katong” for the school’s National Day concert.

a08.jpgP4 students learning chords on the Ukelele

Primary 6 STOMP

The post-PSLE STOMP programme has taken the Primary 6 pupils and teachers by storm. Primary 6 pupils are taught creative ways to use of household items such as brooms, bins, and pails to create percussive sounds. Pupils choreograph and improvise their own rhythms with everyday items brought from home and finally showcase their musical creations in a performance for their Graduation Day concert.

P6 Clementians using ICT to plan their Graduation Day concert programme

Schoolwide Singing Competition
Clementians participate enthusiastically in this year’s inaugural singing competition in order to showcase their vocal talents. The competition is especially meaningful for the contestants as their classmates cheer them on and vote for their favourites. 

Partnerships and Programmes

1. Learning Journeys
To extend learning beyond the classroom, Clementians are provided with opportunities to attend musicals and performances. This year, P3 pupils enjoyed watching Players’ Theatre’s “Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical” at Ulu Pandan Community Club. During the Question-and-Answer session at the end, they learned more about what goes on behind-the-scenes, and what the props really look like.

P3 Pupils enjoying a performance of "Knuffle Bunny: A cautionary Musical", by Players' Theatre
P3 Clementians asking actors about what goes on behind-the-scenes

2. Aesthetics Week
Since 2011, Aesthetics Week has been a yearly highlight for pupils involving music, dance and art.This year, Aesthetics Week was launched with an assembly programme featuring a medley of pop songs by local vocal group, MiCapella. Clementians also learnt how to produce the sounds of various drums and string instruments with their lips and tongue, a skill which they continued to explore in the hallways throughout the week. 

Curriculum Focus

P1 & P2
Choral Singing
PAL (Music)
Music Literature
Instrumental playing with pitched & unpitched instruments
 P3 & P4
2-part singing
Choral singing
Music composition
Instrumental playing with pitched & unpitched instruments
 P5 & P6
2-part singing
Choral singing
Garage Band
Music Ensemble
Music Composition
Instrumental playing with pitched & unpitched instruments