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Paying School and Miscellaneous Fees GIRO Deduction

a) Parents are encouraged to pay their children’s fees through GIRO so that the pupils do not have to bring large sums of cash to school.

b) GIRO deduction will be made monthly from February to December. The deduction in February will include the fees for January. Deduction date is on 26th of every month. Eg: For March fees, the deduction date will be on 26th March. Please ensure that there is sufficient fund in the bank accounts on the deduction dates. If it falls on a Sat, Sun or PH, then the deduction will be on the next working day.

c) GIRO deduction will be suspended after two consecutive unsuccessful deductions due to insufficient fund. Pupils will then receive cash bills and will have to pay the outstanding amount in cash. GIRO deduction will be reinstated once all outstanding fees have been paid.