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Principal's Message


The person born with a talent they meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it      


Welcome to the school year of 2020!

Looking back at 2019, I am happy to share with all of you that our Clementians have done our school proud in many academic and non-academic subject areas. From the school's Facebook page, you will notice that there was a string of awards ranging from the Math and Science to the languages competitions and extending to the sports, arts, ICT and leadership domains.

These additional opportunities have instilled a strong Growth Mindset for them to overcome failures in their learning and equip them with the necessary skills to become a critical thinker, confident communicator and problem solver skills. I believe the school has given many a head start in their six-year learning journey to apply to the secondary schools via the Direct Schools Admission (DSA) if they choose to. It is also my pleasure to announce that 15 of our P6 Clementians qualified for DSA in 2019, notably with seven of them selected by School of Science and Technology (SST). I am happy to share that one of our outstanding Clementians, Ziya Nafiah Binte Mohamed Nazim, was offered a place by the three secondary schools which recognise her leadership qualities before the release of the PSLE results too.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for believing what the school is doing for the children as well as our parents for the strong home-school partnerships. After working with my team of competent and committed colleagues for five years, I believe we have made significant progress to provide your child a balanced and holistic education to develop his/her areas of interest and/or talent beyond academic grades.

In 2020, we will celebrate our school’s 20th anniversary and it is timely for us to use this moment to reflect how far Clementi Primary School has progressed from its inception and continue the forward-looking outlook to help prepare our children to be future-ready and have a strong sense of belonging to the community. We will also be using this opportunity to build a community of alumni members who are keen to connect with the school and contribute in areas that can benefit the present cohorts of students.

To our Clementians, parents and ex-Clementians, 2020 will be a momentous year, and I look forward to celebrating it with you.
In partnership,

Mr Chia See Chew Albert

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