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Parent Support Group


A nurturing school environment that develops every child to be a Leader, a Keen Learner, and a Friend.


To render our services and provide support to the school programmes and activities through working together to promote collaborative partnerships among parents, teachers, and the community.


- Act as an ambassador to build a strong home-school partnership.

- Nurture the spirit of volunteerism among parents in school and community programmes.

- Provide a platform for communication among parents and to offer constructive feedback to the school.



  • Be discreet and protect the confidentiality of students, teachers, staff and other parents.
  • Value and honour the relationship and trust established with students, teachers, staff and other parents.


  • Speak and act towards students, teachers, staff and other parents with respect and dignity.
  • Always be mindful of their individual rights and sensitivities.
  • Respect the professional role of the teacher, the authority of the school and the school administration.



  • Dress neatly and appropriately for school events/ programmes. e.g. No spaghetti tops, no shorts or mini-skirts, no slippers.
  • Always put on the identification name tag when on duty.


  • Be enthusiastic about caring, sharing and learning.
  • Be warm, friendly, and courteous at all times.
  • Be dependable and responsible for our scheduled times. Notify the coordinator early if we are not able to commit.
  • Give constructive feedback for school improvement through the PSG EXCO. Criticism of the professional staff, students, other parents and programs is inappropriate.
  • Be open-minded and flexible. Personal feelings should not interfere with work.
  • Encourage other parents to be a member of the PSG.


  • Protect the teachers’, students’ and other parents’ right to privacy. Do not disclose school or personal matters which have come to our attention.
  • Discuss area(s) of concern with the PSG EXCO.


  • Be responsible for maintaining an attitude of mutual respect and confidence.
  • Be familiar with school policies and practices.
  • Although the job is voluntary, the commitment is professional.

PSG Members Guidelines - the 5 Cs


We care about the children and the staff in the school. New members feel welcome in the PSG.


We respect one another in the school and recognize our shared responsibilities for children. We are tactful in words and mindful about our differences.


We support strategies for effective communications that are sincere, respectful and two-way so as to build trust and consensus between the school and the PSG.


We work together as a team and assist one another to improve and sustain positive student outcomes. We aim to solve problems amicably and we are open to new ideas. We support school’s effort to foster meaningful partnerships.


We use an action team approach that enables educators, parents, students, and the community to work together to achieve school goals. We celebrate progress and work towards continuous improvements.


A number of studies have connected school-home collaboration to better learning, healthy self-esteem and more positive attitudes and behaviours in life. Come, join us as a PSG member and be involved in supporting our school’s events. Please click on the below Google Forms link and submit your application to join us today!


Level Coordinator’s email address

Name of Coordinator (s)

Primary 1


To be confirmed

Primary 2

ctppsgp@gmail.com Mdm Nirmala & Mdm Rebekah Yip

Primary 3

ctppsga@gmail.com Mdm Joyce Lim & Mdm Rashidah

Primary 4

ctppsgr@gmail.com Mdm Shareen and Mdm Melissa Low

Primary 5

ctppsge@gmail.com Mdm Kim and Mdm Ng Lay Lay

Primary 6


Mdm Eeda and Mdm Shalini