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Learning For Life Programme

Instilling Learning for Life through Visual Arts in Clementi Primary School

Visual arts education involves ways of knowing about the world through thought, emotion and action. It provides a window into our past and allowing us to express views of the future. These ways of knowing are considered in relation to processes of active learning and inquiry, and ways to enhance teaching-learning partnerships with our Clementians. The LLP is an example of how visual arts education in Clementi Primary School illustrates ways in which a supportive learning environment can enhance our learners’ sense of ownership through cooperation, while providing them with opportunities to experience artistic processes that are applicable to them. 

Through our LLP, Clementians will enjoy art from learning various experiences that are created for them within and beyond school. Clementians will also learn to communicate their ideas visually through the use of various materials, tools and media in different art forms. Such learning experiences are also aimed to equip Clementians with the skills to discuss and interpret artwork while learning about other cultures. The outcomes of our LLP are also aligned to MOE’s Primary Art Syllabus Framework shown below.

Figure 1: Primary Art Syllabus Framework

In line with MOE’s Art Syllabus 2018, the Primary 4 Museum Based Learning is one of the core learning experiences. Clementians will learn to observe museum etiquette and respond to artworks that have been identified specifically for this learning experience. Our Art and Social Studies teacher-docents will engage Clementians with the subject matter of the artworks and art forms through a meaningful and integrated approach, where the past, present and future world of art in Singapore is at the core or their learning (MOE, 2018). 

Clementians with the potential and passion in visual arts will be identified by their art teachers to attend after-school art enrichment programmes that aim to help them hone their skills and deepen their interests. The three-tier enrichment programmes, SPARK (P1/P2), GLOW (P3/P4) and BLAZE (P5/P6), are designed to extend their technical skills while engaging in advanced art making tasks.








Visual Arts Curriculum Modules

·         Watercolour Painting

·         Collage

·         Hand building (Plasticine)

·         Acrylic Painting

·         Collage

·         Hand building (Coiling)

·         Acrylic Painting

·         Collage

·         Hand building (Pinching)

·         Printmaking

·         Digital Art (Poster Design)

·         Hand building (Slab)

·         Batik Painting

·         Digital Art



Learning Experiences


Museum Based Learning

(School Art Gallery)

CCA Experience

(Art Club)

Museum Based Learning

(Art and

Social Studies)

Outreach Projects

(Art Club)


Learning Portfolios

Talent Enrichment Programme




·         Drawing

·         Painting

·         Crafts

·         Painting

·         Sculpture

·         Illustration

School Programmes

·         ART@ Recess (ARTivities)

·         Assembly Programmes (Artist Talks)

·         Cyber wellness Week (Art and ICT)


·         Singapore Youth Festival

·         Internal / External


·         Art Gallery (Artique)

·         Classrooms

W1 Cluster Programmes

·         Art Teachers’ Learning Journey and Workshop

·         Art Camp

·         Art Exhibition @ Clementi Public Library

·         Art Workshop @ Clementi Public Library

Table 1: CTP LLP

In Clementi Primary School, Clementians are engaged in collaborative art making activities such as ARTivities during their recesses. These student-led art making activities are opportunities for Clementians to make art with their friends. More importantly, Clementians leading these ARTivities will be able to exercise their leadership capabilities while refining their craft. 

There is an annual Art exhibition held at Clementi Public Library to showcase artworks created by Clementians and students from the W1 cluster schools.. As part of our school’s collaboration with the National Library Board (NLB), our art teachers will conduct art workshops for library patrons. During these workshops, workshop participants work alongside their children in art making activities. 

Our school’s art gallery, ARTIQUE, boasts a collection of Clementians’ past and current artwork and projects. These exhibits are useful teaching and learning resources for our teachers and Clementians during their art lessons.  Our P1 and P2 Clementians, for example, visit ARTIQUE as part of their museum based learning experience. Besides learning to look at art critically, they are also trained to observe proper museum etiquette.