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(Accelerated Learning Programme for the High Ability)

ALPHA+ is an after-school programme designed to meet the advanced learning needs of Primary 4, 5 and 6 high-achieving learners (HAL). Recognising that advanced learners possess a set of unique learning abilities and characteristics, ALPHA+ aims to challenge and engage them in enriching and challenging educational experiences to foster critical thinking, research and inquiry as well as collaborative skills.

ALPHA+ encompasses three core subjects: English, Math and Science. The programme applies to pupils from P4 onwards and enrolment is by invitation based on recommendations from Gifted Education Branch (GEB) and pupils’ overall results for the year.

Pupils in English ALPHA+ will be fielded for the Destination ImagiNation (DI) tournament at national level. DI aims to impart 21st century skills and STEM principles through collaborative problem-solving challenges.

Pupils in the Math ALPHA+ and Science ALPHA+ will attend the E2K Mathematics Programme and E2K Science Programme respectively. These programmes are developed by Israeli education specialists and aim to engage pupils with inquiry-based activities that involve advanced mathematical and science concepts.

“I enjoy DI as it has taught me how to be creative and how to work well with my teammates. DI is fun and there are a lot of challenges but after we have completed them, we get a feeling of satisfaction.” (Jingxuan)

“We get to do activities that we do not do in the classroom. We also get to do things without a lot of constraints. The acting that we do in DI helped me to improve my confidence and my public speaking skills.” (Chia Xuan Ying)

“I love DI because it is very fun and exciting, and teaches me a lot of things that are not taught in the textbooks. Improvisation is super challenging and we need a lot of practice but I love it!” (Megan Lim)

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