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Edusave Awards For Primary School

Edusave Awards are given by the government annually to Singaporeans pupils to help equalize educational opportunities and motivate pupils to excel in schools. These Singaporean pupils must have performed well or made good progress in their school work and must have good conduct. The Edusave Awards for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) is awarded to recognize pupil’s leadership qualities, services rendered to the school and the community, and excellence in non-academic activities. In 2012, the Edusave Character Award (ECHA Award) was introduced and serves to recognize and affirm pupils who demonstrated exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and activities.




Eligibility Criteria

Award Quantum

Edusave Scholarships for Primary Schools (ESPS) (P5-P6)

  • Top 10% of each level

  • Overall mark ≥ 50% 

  • Good Conduct 

  • Singapore Citizen

Top 10%1 - $350

Edusave Merit Bursaries (EMB) (P1-P6)

  • Top 25% of each level excluding ESPS awardees Overall mark ≥ 50% 

  • Good conduct 

  • Singapore Citizen

  • Gross monthly household income2 below $5000, or per capita3 income of less than $1250

P1-P3 - $200 

P4-P6 - $250

Good Progress Awards (GPA) (P2-P6)

  • Best 10% of each level based on good progress 

  • Overall mark ≥ 50% 

  • Good conduct

  • Singapore Citizen

P2-P3 - $100 
P4-P6 - $150


ECHA (P1-P6)

  • Singapore Citizen

  • Must meet the set of schoolbased   selection criteria.

P1-P3 - $300

P4-P6 - $350


1st Tier

  • A pass in school examination, good conduct, Singapore Citizen and

    • For awards in Leadership,   have assumed leadership   appointments in core   activities recognised by MOE,


    • For awards in Achievement,   have represented their   schools in competitions,   exhibitions or performances   recognised by MOE,


    • For awards in Service rendered to the school or the   community, have completed a minimum number of hours or service to the school or under the Community Involvement Programme (CIP)

    2nd Tier

    • Satisfy a set of criteria laid down by the school.

Note :
Each pupil is eligible only for one Edusave academic award, and/or ECHA award and/or EAGLES award, up to a maximum of 3 awards

  1. With effect from 2012, the 2-tiers (top 5% and next 5%) of Edusave Scholarships will be merged into a single tier (‘top 10%’).
  2. Gross household income is based on the total gross monthly income of students’ parents, unmarried siblings and grandparents living with him/her.
  3. Computed based on the gross monthly household income divided by the number of household members.
  4. Please refer to MOE Notification (PA/14/12) dated 30 May 2012 for more information.