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Principal's Message



The act of teaching is only complete when someone is taught “to understand in order to act, to act in order to make a difference in the minds and lives of others -- to act in order to serve others responsibly and with integrity.”  

Lee Shulman, American education psychologist



Welcome to the school year of 2018.

Singapore, in recent years, has received stellar reports from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on our students’ literacy and numeracy abilities.   As such, our education system has reached a limit in the extent at which the quality of teaching can be pushed in terms of preparing the students to excel in examinations, and the breakthrough probably will come from improving the quality of the learners through a values-driven education, equipping them with Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies and 21st Century Competencies (21CC) to prepare them for a fast-changing world.  Singapore came up tops in OECD’s report on collaborative problem-solving in 2017, which shows that our education system is gradually producing the intended outcomes in these areas.   

For the past three years, my teachers have worked hard to incorporate a Growth Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck in their teaching practices in order to inspire our Clementians to overcome challenges in their learning.  They have also worked hard to infuse Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) into their instructional practices and many, including those who have been in the teaching service for many years, have enthused themselves to become lifelong learners to improve the use of ICT in their teaching.  It is still an on-going journey, but they have come a long way. 

I have to thank my key personnel, comprising my Heads of Department, Subject / Level Heads and Senior Teachers for their effort in working alongside my teachers and I believe it will impact your child’s learning in the long term.  Moving forward as a school, we will continue to leverage ICT to build up our Clementians’ character, dispositions, and values and inculcate a sense of identity of who they are and where they belong. Cyber-wellness has to be delivered well in order to teach them the habits of mind to be disciplined in their learning and habits of heart to marry the interdependence of reason and emotion when using ICT in their learning. 

My teachers will endeavour to help Clementians see the interconnectivity of what they learn and engage them emotionally in the intellectual, practical and moral domains.  For instance, Clementians have to discern when they access web sites for information, e.g. Wikipedia, and must have ability to evaluate a contested piece of information and decide for themselves the validity and reliability of the source.  They also have to be educated to discern their own level of exposure in the digital world and be personally responsible when expressing their own views in virtual social space.

It is by no means, an easy feat for my teachers to apply what I have advocated effectively in their classroom instruction to improve the students’ quality of learning, let alone to incorporate values inculcation and the development of SEL competencies and 21CC into their lessons too within the traditional classroom settings.  However, we will aspire to do so to empower our Clementians a strong voice to advocate and innovate to truly become “A Leader. A Keen Learner.  A Friend.” 

I look forward to your continued support and partnership in your child’s learning journey with his / her teachers. 

Wishing all a healthy and fulfilling 2018!

Mr Albert Chia

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