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PE Department

Department Vision:

Every child is fit, skilled and knowledgeable to pursue a healthy lifestyle


Department Mission: 

To develop each child physically, mentally and socially through a movement-based curriculum



The most important and fundamental goal in the teaching of the physical education lessons and CCA is to prepare pupils for the challenges of the 21st century. The school provides opportunities for its pupils to attain the skills and knowledge to be physically active as part of the pupils' holistic development. Pupils should become competent in the various movement forms, execution of motor skills, positive social skills and, more importantly, learn to enjoy physical activity with awareness of personal and group safety.
Pupils at P1-P3 levels (Lower Primary) should derive developmental and personal meaning from the various movement activities learnt. As they learn new skills while enjoying the process, they will gain competence in movement ability.
At the Upper Primary levels, the exposure and participation in physical activity provides important opportunities for group membership, challenge and social interaction. It serves an important role in the individual physical maturation processes. It also provides them greater opportunity for self-expression and achievement.
It is hoped that pupils will be rewarded with these benefits such that they will continue to actively pursue lifelong physical activities that meet their own needs. Pupils will also benefit cognitively through the understanding the cause and effect relationships between activity and its immediate and identifiable effects on the body. They will also increase their physiological strengths and awareness of their surroundings. This, in turn, gives them a well-rounded and comprehensive perspective on the meaning of a healthy lifestyle.
Lessons taught would include these components:
  • Locomotor and Non-locomotor Movements
  • Games Concepts skills – Territorial, Net and Barrier, Striking and Fielding
  • Educational Gymnastics
  • Movement and Rhythmic Movement
  • Lifetime Health and Wellness
  • Social Skills Development
  • National Aerobic Physical Fitness Award
  • Other Support Programmes in Physical Education – Swimming, Rope Skipping and Innovation and Enterprise.
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Pathfinder Programme

The PE Department worked in collaboration with the Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) to enhance lesson planning and pedagogical practices. This is to enhance student learning outcomes in PE.
During the collaboration stint from 18 March to 10 May 2013, two very experienced PE teachers from Hungary were assigned to teach in our school. They are Dr Jozsef Bognar and Mrs Sos Csabane Gabrielle. Our teachers learnt a lot of new teaching ideas and approaches to further engage the students during PE. The students enjoyed themselves during these lessons and they were exposed to a wide variation of skills and movement.
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