Guided by the national vision of Arif Budiman – the learned person who contributes to society, the Malay Language Department creates opportunities for pupils to develop their language proficiency and their cultural depth.  Apart from providing a conducive environment in the learning of Malay Language, the department also ensures that pupils were given a learning environment that would shape them holistically.  Various programmes and activities are available for all levels.  

Experiential Learning @P1 & P2

This is incorporated into the curriculum for P1 and P2 pupils as part of their formative assessment.   Pupils will get the chance to make fruit salad, go for a walk at the neighbourhood or decorate cookies as part of their experiential learning.
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P5 Overseas Educational Programme

The Overseas Educational Programme has been conducted since 2006.  Selected P5 pupils will be given the opportunity to go for an overseas trip each year.  With the aims of enriching pupils’ understanding of Malay culture, history, the arts and cultivating life skills and values, these pupils gathered enriching experiences through their educational visit to the neighbouring country.
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Hari Raya Concert

The Hari Raya concert showcased performances by pupils of various levels.  By applying their knowledge reaped during the activities and workshops conducted during the MTL Fortnight, pupils showed their skills in kompang, dikir barat, singing and dancing of Hari Raya songs.  Led by the team of dedicated Malay teachers, the pupils put up a compact and enjoyable show for the whole school.
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