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Chinese Clinic

The Chinese Clinic has been operating since February 2007. It is open every weekday afternoon, providing a conducive environment for pupils who are weak in Chinese and need help in their Chinese homework. Pupils go to the clinic to do their homework and to revise for their spelling and tests. When they encounter difficulties, they can seek help from the teachers on duty or from their buddies.

This programme has received positive feedback from teachers, parents and pupils. Parents are grateful for the support the school is able to offer their children as they are often busy at work and are unable to spend a lot of time supervising their children’s work. The teachers are also able to spend more time monitoring the work of their weaker pupils.

Chinese Clinic 1 Chinese Clinic 2 Chinese Clinic 3

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Every year, the department organises the Chinese New Year Celebrations. A couple of weeks before the concert, the festive atmosphere will already be in the air with the Lunar New Year decorations around the school premises. The Chinese language teachers will also lead the pre-assembly sing-a-long sessions every day. During the concert, the pupils will be entertained with performances from the various student groups such as the school band, choir and the Chinese Dance group. Pupils also enjoy the annual lion dance performance and playing games with the teachers and their friends. Every year, the concert ends on a high note with a mass Sing-a-Long session as student leaders present Mandarin oranges to the teachers.

CNY Celebrations 1 CNY Celebrations 2

CNY Celebrations 3 CNY Celebrations 4

CNY Celebrations 5

Cultural Immersion and Educational Tour to China

Since 2006, the department has been organising a cultural immersion and educational tour to China for selected Primary 5 pupils. Besides visiting the local cultural and historical sites, the teachers and pupils also experience school life in a local school. Our pupils join their newfound friends for lessons in English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Physical Education, Art, Music and ICT. It is a new experience for them as all lessons are conducted in Mandarin except for English Language lessons. They are eager to learn and soon get used to the local lesson format and style. They raise questions and even present their answers to the whole class. They enjoy themselves immensely.
Overall, the study tour provides pupils with an authentic Chinese language learning environment while the sightseeing tours of cultural and historical sites expose them to the vast and varied history of China. This in turn cultivates their interest in the Chinese culture and language. Friendship ties between Singaporean and Chinese pupils are also forged during the immersion at the local school. Additionally, this trip helps our pupils cultivate life skills and values such as independence, adaptability and team camaraderie. The accountability for their own finances, management of conflicts within the group, acceptance of differences in others, appreciation of others’ cultures and leadership skills are some of the intangible aspects of learning which the pupils are observed to have displayed.
China Trip 1 China Trip 2

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

The school’s multi-racial Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration is held every year and pupils and their families are invited to immerse themselves in a celebratory mood. 
Pupils and their families are treated to a concert which includes performances by various performance groups and a lion dance performance by a professional lion dance troupe. Pupils then bring their own lanterns and participate in the lantern parade on the school field, led by their teachers and accompanied by their families. After the lantern parade, the pupils and their families will participate in a variety of festive activities such as the sampling of mooncakes and pomelos, mooncake-making demonstration, lantern riddles and Chinese calligraphy. 
To highlight the Mid-Autumn Festival as a traditional Chinese festival, culture displays are put up to explain its significance to the pupils. To enhance mutual understanding and respect for other cultures and practices, the department also collaborates with the Malay language and Tamil language departments to bring in sampling of traditional Malay and Indian food. 
The celebration is possible every year due to the support given by our School Advisory Committee, Parents Support Group, pupils and their families. In all, the celebration offers great opportunities for parents, pupils and teachers to interact with one another.
Mid Autumn 1 Mid Autumn 2

Mid Autumn 3 Mid Autumn 4

Mid Autumn 5



Enrichment Programme

To enhance pupils' interest in learning Chinese Language and to develop their creative writing skills, the department engages external vendors to conduct enrichment course for our Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils every year. 
To cater to the learning interest of the pupils, the external vendors infuse elements of drama and storytelling into the lessons for greater engagement from the pupils. The upper primary pupils will be introduced to several creative techniques in writing and are given the opportunities to hone their writing skills. The instructors are on hand to guide the pupils and feedback is given to the pupils on the essays they compose. The class size is capped at 25 pupils per class so that the instructors can have more time to work with the pupils and provide the additional support that they need. 
At the end of course, pupils are given individual appraisals of their writing skills so that they can work on their strengths and weaknesses.

Enrichment 1 Enrichment 2