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Mother Tongue Languages Department


Department Vision

Every child is an effective communicator with a love for the Mother Tongue language and the associated culture and values.

Department Mission

  • To engage pupils in the learning of the Mother Tongue Language 
  • To maximise every child’s academic potential
  • To promote appreciation of the three ethnic cultures

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is held every year in Term 2. The aims of the two-week programme are to provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use their Mother Tongue languages, raise pupils’ appreciation for the three Mother Tongue languages and cultures, and engage stakeholders and community partners in the promotion of these languages.

All pupils take part in activities such as:
  • Monday assembly programme
  • Cultural dances
  • Book fair

The Chinese Language pupils take part in activities such as:
  • Tea Art appreciation
  • Comics drawing classes 
  • Chinese drum lessons
  • Storytelling sessions by renowned performer Uncle Zhao Jin
  • Watching external musical productions
  • K-Star singing competitions
  • Inter-class penmanship competitions
  • Inter-class recitation competitions
  • Inter-class language games 

The Malay Language pupils took part in activities such as:
  • Poster-making
  • Making of hand puppets
  • Show-and-tell on Malay delicacies
  • Story-telling with Wayang Kulit
  • Learning to play traditional musical instruments such as the Gamelan and the Kompang
  • Sahibba competition

                                               Look at the beautiful puppets we made!
The Tamil Language pupils took part in activities such as:
  • Nursery rhymes competition
  • Show-and -tell
  • Storytelling
  • Word games
  • Drama
  • Competition on proverbs

Chinese Language and Cultural Day Camp 

The MTL department organises the Chinese Language and Cultural Day Camp for Primary 4 pupils on a yearly basis. The aims of this day camp are to provide an immersive environment for pupils to learn and use the Chinese Language and to appreciate the Chinese culture through various hands-on tasks. 
The Chinese Language pupils are introduced to various traditional activities such as dumpling making, simple Wushu exercises, paper cutting and shuttlecock making.

The Malay Language pupils engage in a workshop of Dikir Barat, a traditional sing-a-long performance with traditional musical instruments such as the maracas, kompang, rebana and gong. The pupils also enjoy making their own Layang-Layang (the kite) .

The Tamil Language pupils experience how traditional games such as the Pallanguli, Aadu puli Aatam, Kabadi are played. They also learn Thoranam tying, flower tying and Henna mural designing.

Conversational Chinese / Malay Course – Beginner and Basic

To prepare our young for the global future, it is important for them to learn languages other than their own mother tongue at the conversational level to link up with opportunities outside Singapore. Besides, being a multi-racial society, learning another Mother Tongue language helps them to relate and communicate better with one another. It would also enhance their mutual understanding and respect for one another’s culture and practices. Since 2008, the Ministry of Education had initiated a school-based enrichment programme for schools to conduct Conversational Chinese / Malay (CCM) course.  
Since 2008, the department conducts a 20-hour CCM (Beginner) course for interested Primary 3 pupils. Starting from 2012, the Primary 4 pupils can also sign up for the 20-hour CCM (Basic) course. The topics include self-introduction, exchange of greetings, counting of numbers, telling of time, colours and other commonly used phrases. 
Pupils provide feedback that they enjoy the lessons and can now communicate with their friends in another language.