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Mathematics Department

Department Vision

Every child is a confident problem solver, independent thinker and a passionate learner in Mathematics


Department Mission:

To nurture pupils’ interest in learning Mathematics
To develop pupils’ Mathematical problem solving skills.
To promote self-directed, independent and life-long learning in Mathematics

Math is Alive!

To heighten pupils’ interest in Mathematics and to make pupils’ learning meaningful, authentic learning experiences are provided. This will enable pupils to realise that Mathematics is alive and is an integral part of their everyday lives.

P1/P2: Mobile Learning Cart
P3: Planting
P4: Baking Lesson
P5: Math Trail
P6: Creation of Games


Activities on Mobile Learning Cart

Mobile Learning Cart 1 Mobile Learning Cart 2 Mobile Learning Cart 3


Primary 4 Let’s Bake Cookies!

P4 Cookies 1 P4 Cookies 2
P4 Cookies 3 P4 Cookies 4


Primary 5 Math Trail @ Singapore River

Math trail 1 Math trail 2

Math Games @ Math and Science Carnival
Carnival 1 Carnival 2 Carnival 3
Math Trail @ Singapore
Math Trail 3 Math Trail 4


Let's Read!

Math literature books are also used in lessons to heighten pupils’  interest and ignite their curiosity. These lessons will also help pupils to realize the variety of situations in which Mathematics are used in reality and help them make connections. Some of the books

Performance Tasks and Practical Tests

All Primary 1 to P4 pupils went through a Math Practical Test to assess their ability to read measurements in Term 1 and Term 2.

More hands-on sessions on measurement were carried out in classes to provide pupils more opportunities to equip pupils with the skills and understand the concepts.
Practical Test 1 Practical Test 2

Play @ Recess – Think A Game (TAG)!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, our pupils are given opportunities to interact and pit their thinking skills against their friends. They are able to play games such as Checkers, Line-Up-4, International Chess, Tumbling Tower and more at the Talent’s Corner.
Recess 1 Recess 2