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Pupil Leadership

Vision : Every child is a leader.

Our school is committed to developing Clementians to be leaders in class, CCA and other aspects of school life. Clementians are given leadership opportunities through various platforms such as class monitors, IT monitors, ArtHandz (Art monitors), NE Ambassadors and CCA leaders. Each area has its own selection criteria and relevant training to impart leadership skills to pupils.


The Prefectorial Board

Prefects are expected to be exemplary in their character and behaviour.  Our school has a structured prefect training programme where we seek to empower Clementians to enhance their self-effectiveness. The training programme is delivered through a range of leadership-related activities which will promote Clementians’ self-awareness and understanding of others, strengthen Clementians’ character and help them appreciate a diversity of perspectives and manage conflicts better.

The prefects represent the voice of the pupil population and lead the pupil population in meaningful projects. With the training given, they help to organise activities such as the Leadership Camp and support various school activities such as P1 Orientation, Teachers’ Day Concert, Chinese New Year and the Pupils’ Suggestion Scheme. In addition, they assume duties and responsibilities to help maintain the discipline of the school.

Prefect Investiture 2017

Prefect Investiture 2017

The Prefects" Investiture was held on 28 January 2016. This was a solemn and important ceremony in which recognition was given to all the pupil leaders in the school. It also serves as a milestone for the Head Prefect, Vice-head Prefects, the EXCO members and the prefects from Primary 4 to 6 as they progress towards greater leadership responsibilities. Parents of these pupil leaders were also present to witness this significant moment in the lives of their children.

‘Leadership is practised not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.’- Harold Geneen


Structure and Organisation

The team of prefects is led by the Executive Committee:

Prefectorial Board 2017.jpg
                                                 Prefectorial Board Executive Committee 2017      
The P4 Prefects

1st row (From Left to Right) Thee Sim Ling, Glenda Nya Yi En, Shayne Lim Yu Xuan, Nandar Linn, Sarah Nuha Binte Suraimi, Bryan Soon Giap Le, Raydon Chua En Le, Kelly Tan Xin Hui, Nur Luke Luszman bin Abdul Rahim

2nd Row (From Left to Right) Alyssa Cheong Xuan Min, Konduri Shreyas, Tan Yi Liang, Ho Yuheng,   Chong Xin, Karthikeyan Sachin, Zhao Xinying Sharon, Ryan Ng Yi Cheng, Ang Bin Feng, Leonard, Tyra Seah Qing Qiao

Absent with Apologies Rajesh Samuel Eunice Maria, Anagha Gunari, Seneviratne Desadu Damsana

 The P5 Prefects


1st row (From Left to Right) Aden Low Qi Xun, Kevin Heng Wei Jian, Leong Ngai Kit, Haikal Bin Mohamed Azman, Farhan Raziq Bin Putra Fajar, Wang Jiaxuan, Surveen Singh Shahi, Lucas Chua Wei Jun, Gerald Chong Qi Heng, Manuraj Singh Negi, Ho Roon Xu 

2nd row (From Left to Right) Faylinn Kurniawan, Chan Kai Ling, Karel Tee Yue Zhen, Azira Syazwina Bte Mohammed Rafi, Ang Rui Yu, Cadis, Ariana Bte Iskandar Meirza, Reza Zone Fernandez Ngan, Azra Rehana Binte Mohamad Azmi,  

3nd row (From Left to Right) Zhang Yi Xuan, Kee Hui Jie, Izni Natasya Binte Abdullah, Liew Xinyi, Eunice, Ramanathan Shrinithi, Lim Zhi Xuan, Julia Amani Binte Mohamad Arwadi, Nurin Zawani Bte Mohamed Nazim, Nur Syarafyna Bte Roslee, Lavanya Aggarwal, Ho Zi Xuan Andrea, Khairunnisa Bte Mustaffa, Jasmine Chua Soo En 

The P6 Prefects


1st Row (From Left to Right) Clarence Ng Zhi Peng, Tan Ding Rui, Ayman Bin Azhar 

2nd Row (From Left to Right) Kor Shaojun Austin, Raehan Zone Fernandez Ngan, 
Claire Lee Jia Xuan, Ang Xin Ting, Reis, Thiri Htet Htet Aung, Ho Zheng Zhan, Koh Gene, 
Karima Nasha, Careys Woo Yu Cheng 

3rd Row (From Left to Right) Goh Ying En, Anthea,Toong Houxun, Rohan Kumar, Sistla Satya Satvik, Thennarasu Madesh, Yip Zhen Ning, Jolene An, Teo Min Ruo, Cheryl Lee Yixin, Wendy Puan, 

Ruth Chua, Divyanshi 

Absent with Apologies Emma Kaida Lu

Leadership Training

Leadership training is provided for Pupil Leaders to prepare Clementians to take on their roles with greater confidence and equip them with the skills and knowledge in executing their roles. Additional customised training sessions are provided for the prefects to support their learning and development of their leadership skills.  

CCA Leaders

 CCA Leaders 1   CCA Leaders 2 

   CCA leaders listening attentively to the lessons                Team members planning on how to build a

                                                                                                                paper tower     

                          CCA Leaders 3   

                                             Building a tower of strength using papers

Class Leaders

Primary 3 and Primary 4

Class Leaders P3P4 1  Class Leaders P3P4 2

          Team discussion on resolving conflicts                                 The unique paper tower

Primary 5 and 6

 Class Leaders P5P6 1  Class Leaders P5P6 2

       Conflict Management - leaders role-playing         Class leaders reflecting on what they have learnt

P5 Prefects' Training (FOS Project)

FOS Ambassadors.jpg

                                     It’s time to get to know other FOS ambassadors from other schools.


                        Our school FS ambassadors interviewing other schools about their plan for the year.

FOS ambassadors from other schools interviewed our ambassadors about their plans for their project.

P5 Prefect Training

FOS Ambassadors2.jpg

Begin with the End in Mind, our prefects are busy building their tower with the given materials within                                                                the stipulated timing.