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Art Department

Department Vision

To become keen learners of the Arts


Department Mission:

To provide a holistic program and vibrant culture so as to develop pupils’ physical robustness, enhance their creative and expressive capacities and shape their personal, cultural and social identity



W1 Cluster Art Exhibition @ Clementi Public Library

As part of the W1 Cluster Art Exhibition at Clementi Public Library, our school conducted an animation workshop for members of the public on 1st June 2012 during the June holidays. The participants took a tour around our "Artique" Art Gallery where the Art teachers gave a short introduction of our school’s Art programme and achievements. Participants were then led to the computer laboratory where a series of animation lessons were conducted. Our I.T. trainer, Ms Linda, together with our Art Teachers, introduced & guided them through the animation process using webcams, props as well as the software, Monkey Jam. Upon completion, the participants went home with a CD containing a copy of their animation work. It was a fruitful day for all the participants!
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P1, P2 & P3 Drawing and Painting


Lower primary pupils enjoy different art makings under the Formative Assessment (FA) modules. Pupils also gain confidence during show-and-tell sessions as well as learn simple art appreciation through observation & discussion.


P1 to P4 Team Building
Teambuilding lessons are incorporated into curriculum art lessons. Qualified external 
instructors are engaged to provide pupils the opportunity to work in teams and handling 
larger art projects.

Dance Module for P1 and P2

This year, the P1 & P2 pupils are privileged to have  a 6 lessons dance cum simple comic drawing module for Art. Conducted by qualified instructors, the pupils enjoy different exposure to music & movement which are later linked to 3D relief figure makings using modeling clay.


P3 and P4 Clay lessons

In Primary 3 and Primary 4 clay lessons, pupils engaged in 3D art making using air-dry clay. The objective of the lessons is to introduce pupils to the different techniques of handling clay, mainly ‘scoring’ and ‘scooping’ techniques involving the use of carving tools and water. Throughout the 8 weeks lesson, pupils will complete 2 projects, 2D relief and 3D works. Progressively, the Primary 5 pupils take on clay lesson to the next level by using the Ceramics Clay to further refine their skills on the techniques that they have learned. Pupils learn and enjoy creating their individual 3D Artwork as well as group projects. They also experience glazing their ceramics works before sending them for firing.
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P4 Digital Art Using Wacom

In Primary 4, pupils use Wacom pads, which consist of a digitised pad and a stylus, to draw and paint digital art pieces. The objective of these lessons is to allow pupils to have an understanding on how to put illustrations on digital format. Within 8 weeks, pupils will create art pieces inspired by the works of famous artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso.
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P5 Lego Lessons

Primary 5 pupils experience the exciting world of learning through LEGO. They are engaged in tessellation art works and a final 3D team project using LEGO to replicate Singapore landscapes and icons.  Our school team came in tops in the Schools LEGO® Building competition in 2012 with the work titled Singapore Kopitiam.

Singapore Kopitam - won first prize in the Schools LEGO® Building contest.


P6 Scrapbooking, Batik & Animation


Primary 6 pupils get the opportunity to engage in making their own personal scrapbooking photos. The pupils learn how to manage the different scrapbooking equipment and learn to plan the placement of photos to achieve a balanced composition.


In Batik Painting, pupils experience using the tjanting and hot wax to create their designs on the cloth and learnt about local Batik Artist, Sakarsi Said. Even though the process was long and difficult to complete, the pupils never failed to persevere to achieve an awesome end product.
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In the animation module, pupils become scriptwriters, directors, editors and cameramen. Through team collaboration, they learn the basic quirks in animation; which could only be successful through good team effort and communication. Some of the works produced were interesting and technically competent!