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Principal's Message



The act of teaching is only complete when someone is taught “to understand in order to act, to act in order to make a difference in the minds and lives of others -- to act in order to serve others responsibly and with integrity.”  

Lee Shulman, American education psychologist



Welcome to the new school year of 2017. 

The past two years have seen major changes at the school level (single session transition, CCA during curriculum time), classroom level (greater use of technology for instruction and communication with parents) and pupil level (improvement of school uniform) to improve your child’s well-being and engagement in learning.  

On behalf of my colleagues, I am deeply appreciative that these changes were implemented smoothly with your continued support, encouragement and understanding. A school can only be effective when the parents and the community support the teaching and learning programmes of the school.

2016 has seen many innovative disruptions involving technology which affect our personal and work lives.  In schools, I believe technology will continue to transform the practice of our profession.  As it is, technology has touched every aspect of the education system, from planning, instruction, assessment, classroom management, home-school communication. In the aspect of teaching and learning, web-based learning applications offers the possibility of creating uniquely valuable learning experiences which appeal to the pupils.

I believe, with a sense of optimism and excitement, that there is a huge potential for web-based learning applications to improve classroom instruction in schools.  Teachers need to leverage the highly interactive nature of web-based learning applications to make pupils’ learning accountable by enhancing their ability to reflect, apply, elaborate, contextualise, evaluate and synthesise their learning, and not just in navigation, page scrolling and indulging in information search. 

However, technology remains just one part of the equation to engage learning in school and at home.  Without the guidance of a skilled human educator, independent learning cannot take place.

My staff and I will continue to explore effective teaching strategies to build up the pupils’ character, dispositions, and values and inculcate a sense of identity of who they are and where they belong. They will be taught Habits of Mind to be disciplined in their learning and habits of heart to marry the interdependence of reason and emotion. My teachers will try their best to help your child see the relevance of what they learn and develop their physical, intellectual, socio-emotional and moral domains.

Moving forward, the school will undergo upgrading works to have a new school block with new facilities and improve existing facilities. Clementians can look forward to an enhanced learning environment in two years’ time. In the meantime, I seek your understanding and patience as there will be some inconveniences during the construction phase. 

Wishing all a healthy and bountiful 2017!

Mr Albert Chia

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